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Bad Tasting Water

Why Some Water Tastes Bad: If you are living with bad-tasting water, whether it is a strong chlorine taste or sulphur-like taste, you know the nuisance this causes for you, your family, and guests. In addition to impacting your drinking water, bad-tasting water also impacts your cooking, bathing, and brushing your teeth. We put together […]

Water Odour

Causes for Bad Water Odours:  There are many causes for bad odour in your home’s water. While many of these water problems come from well water, city water can also develop unpleasant smells. The most prominent odours are typically found where heat and steam are present, such as the tub/shower, dishwasher or when cooking. That […]

Staining From Water

Staining from Water: There are many microscopic contaminants that are not able to be filtered out because of the cost involved with such a high quantity of water. Additionally, the chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines used to treat our water contain a dangerous by-product known as disinfection by-products (DBPs). Here are some of the […]

Water Toxins/ Water Contaminants

Water staining can cause: – Paint discoloration. – Surface etching. – Microscopic surface imperfections. – Surface roughness. The water flowing to your home, whether sourced from a well or the city, is prone to stains over time. Most common around water fixtures, drains and water-using appliances, these stains can be a nuisance to deal with, […]

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