Shipping Policy

Overnight Express

Short Code: ONX

Overnight delivery to Main Centres and In-City Centers only, by 11:00 the next Business day.

 Collections on a Friday will be delivered on a Monday unless otherwise arranged.

Regional and Remote areas may experience an extended transit time, Regional Areas Collection times will vary based on the route.

Regional delivery between 1 – 3 business days, depending of final destination

● Collections should be placed between 08h00 and 15h00 (Or later as per arrangement)

● Cost effective for under 3kg

● Best for: Time sensitive / light weight items Cargo is either flown or driven to destination, packing must be robust for high-speed handling and no hazardous or dangerous goods must be tended for carriage without written notice and advise on the commodity.

There are a few towns in South Africa that are far away / seldom have couriers delivering there. These will attract an extra surcharge due to the distance and small volumes to these areas. Ask for a quote and a delivery time before you send.

Regional Areas:

40 km plus, outside of the major cities as listed below, will be charged as Regional Areas. (Smaller cities and towns, slightly longer transit times, slightly higher charges, most of these areas will be delivered through vehicles.

Dawn Express Short Code:


DAWN Express is an early delivery the following business day, normally before 09h00. This needs to be arranged prior to shipping, especially when there is a regional or remote area involved. The price will be higher for regional or remote Dawn Deliveries. Call us and we will give you a quote and make the arrangements.


Road Freight

Short Code: RFX

Non-time sensitive cargo. Deliveries between 24 to 96 hours. An additional day is required where there is a trans-shipment onto a second line haul route (example: DUR-CPT linehaul Via Johannesburg)

An additional two days are required to effect delivery to regional destinations. Delivery during business hours to all destinations, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Major Centres Collections placed between 08h00 and 13h00 (Or later as per arrangement) Delivery within 1 – 3 business days, depending on destination Regional Areas Collection times will vary based on the route. Delivery within 1 – 5 business days, depending on destination In-city delivery Collections placed between 08h00 and 13h00 (Or later as per arrangement). Delivery within 1 – 2 business days, depending on Express Cargo Volumes



Surcharges will be levied for shipments as below. Budget Cargo and Road Freight will not have a Weekend delivery option unless prior arrangements are made. Extra surcharges may be incurred.


Ports, Harbours, Game Farms, Plots, Farms, Consulates, Embassies, Permits

 – Deliveries / Collections to or from any of the above will include a surcharge and possibly a delayed transit time, especially if permits are required to be gained After Hours & Public Holidays – For Collections / Deliveries outside of weekday business hours ie: before 08h00 and after 17h00, Saturdays after 13h00 and Sundays or a Public Holiday After hours collections or deliveries to Regional Areas are subject to individual quote.

Mines, Power Stations & Chain Stores (Back Door)

 – For Deliveries / Collections to or from above Standing/Waiting time – This surcharge will be charged if we are being asked to wait on a shipment for collection or delivery. The charge is per hour or part thereof.

Oversized Piece

 – If any one dimension of any item exceeds 120cm or if any one piece exceeds 70kg, the surcharge will be applied

Non-Stackable Pallet –

 A fixed surcharge will be applied to every pallet of a shipment that cannot be stacked either on request of the shipper, or by nature of the shape, content or packaging of the goods on the pallet Tender Documents,

 Hi-Risk Areas, Remote Areas, Additional Surcharge –

For any deadline tender submissions/ Townships and other high risk areas/ Remote towns and areas in South Africa and Additional Surcharge will be charged if you send a Saturday delivery at Dawn or a Dawn Delivery on a Saturday.

Document Fee

– A document fee is charged per shipment. This is for operational stationery. Fluctuating Transport Surcharge This is to cover the ever changing fuel price. This will change monthly based on ruling diesel price

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