MicroKlean RT Sediment and Rust Filter 1um

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Product Details:

·         Rigid depth filter construction reduces unloading at high differential pressures

·         Enhanced contaminant holding capacity for fewer filter change-outs

·         Grooved cartridge with extended surface area promotes fuller utilization of the depth-matrix and promotes long filter life

·         Made without adhesives, binders, surfactants or lubricants for compatibility in a wide range of applications and operating conditions

·         Materials comply with regulations for food and beverage contact and for use in potable water applications

·         Core-less filter structure for ease of disposal via incineration or shredding

·         Continuous integral length filter element

Micro-Klean™ RT series filters are all-polypropylene depth filter cartridges offering consistent particle reduction efficiencies, increased surface life, low initial pressure drop and high particle reduction efficiencies. The filter’s extended service life results in fewer filter change-outs.

Advancing Depth Filtration through Technological Innovation
The filter’s rigid construction provides consistent performance, extended service life and fewer filter change-outs. We manufacture the Micro-Klean™ RT series filters using our own rigid extrusion bonded technology. Our unique manufacturing process combines the superior process control with the quality assurance enabled by an to provide reliable product performance. This exclusive manufacturing process is an ISO 9001 certified quality system and provides a high degree of fiber-to-fiber thermal bonding, without the use of binders, to produce a rigid, core-less filter structure with the following properties:

·         Does not unload contaminants with increasing differential pressure like typical melt-blown filters

·         Allows grooves to be machined into the upstream surface, without tearing or melting the filter structure, more than doubling the effective surface area

·         Exhibits exceptionally low differential pressure for a given filter rating

·         Core-less filter structure allows for ease of disposal via incineration or shredding

·         Continuous integral length filter element is easy to install and has no bond joints to break

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