Water Toxins/ Water Contaminants

Water staining can cause:

– Paint discoloration.

– Surface etching.

– Microscopic surface imperfections.

– Surface roughness.

The water flowing to your home, whether sourced from a well or the city, is prone to stains over time. Most common around water fixtures, drains and water-using appliances, these stains can be a nuisance to deal with, often requiring constant cleaning. But they can also be signs of unseen problems that may be impacting your plumbing and expensive appliances. 

-White Staining/Spotting: Untreated hard water can cause white staining or spotting also known as lime scale build-up on and around your fixtures, shower doors, glassware, and silverware.

-Light brown staining: Caused by excess amounts of manganese in your water. (Found in high amounts of well water.)

-Black/Dark Brown Water Stains: Caused by excess of minerals in your water (iron, magnesium, sulphates, hydrogen sulphide.)

-Blue-Green Water Stains: Blue/Green staining are caused by the corrosion of copper pipes.

-Orange/Red Water Staining: Caused by excess of iron in the water. (Oxidized iron)

Recommended Product: 3M Aqua Pure 904; 3M FF100; 3M Cyst FF

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