Water Odour

Causes for Bad Water Odours: 

There are many causes for bad odour in your home’s water. While many of these water problems come from well water, city water can also develop unpleasant smells. The most prominent odours are typically found where heat and steam are present, such as the tub/shower, dishwasher or when cooking. That said, it may come as no surprise that the biggest complaints we hear about are related to drinking water. Below we have outlined the most common water odours.

-Rotten Egg Odour

-Bleach Odour

-Sewage Odour

-Earthy Odour

-Metallic Odour

Recommended Product: 3M Aqua Pure 903 and AP904 -To filter out the above bad smells before it reaches your geyser, dishwasher, washing machine, tap water. FF100 ,Cyst FF, AP Easy Complete ,IL-IM In line filter.

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