10 ‘’ Water Filter Housing, Blue, Double O-Ring

R217.35 inc VAT


The 10 Inch Water Filter Housing, Blue, ½ Inch Port, Double O-Ring is perfectly designed to house drop-in water filter cartridges and ensures an efficient and durable system.


  • 10-inch water filter housing with a ½ inch port
  • Removes bad-tasting & dirty looking water
  • Removes undesirable contaminants
  • Double O-ring ensures a leak-free seal

*Should not be installed in the sunlight

How it works:
Water from the mains is connected to the inlet port of the Water Filter Housing unit. The water is then directed downwards through the filter cartridge within the unit. This process removes unwanted contaminants. The water then flows upwards through the centre of the cartridge and through the outlet port and supplies filtered water.


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